Never Give Up

Yes life is hard, not just yours. Everyone has at sometime or the other been brought to their knees in pain, anguish, despair or fear. If you’ve lived long enough you are sure to have had some sort of “down time”. At the time it may have seemed like a dark cloud hovering over you as if it would never lift, but it did and you are still here reading this post.

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When life throws us curve balls, it comes with no warnings or instructions on how to deal with it. We are left to fumble our way through difficult, unexplored situations with little or no skills on how to deal with all “the stuff” that is thrown our way.

A few years ago the highest cause of suicide was lost love, but today it’s debt. Life is forever changing, nothing remains the same. If yesterday, you were unhappy, then who’s to say you can’t be wildly blissful today. If yesterday you were jobless, who’s to say today you can’t receive a fantastic job offer. If yesterday you were hurting because you thought you lost the love of your life, who’s to say you can’t find your soulmate today. As cliché as this may sound, after every storm there is a rainbow.

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If, as you read this, you are going through a difficult time financially, a divorce, or your life as you know it is not going the way you would like it to, then take it from me, someone who had the misfortune to go through all of these disasters simultaneously, you are not alone, and this too will pass. It’s not unusual to think that God is unfair or he has something against us being happy, I had those thoughts a few times and I’m sure I’m not alone. But when you are mature enough and have seen some of the problems that people face, you cannot help but feel grateful for your problems too. This may sound obscure to some, but in comparison to terminal cancer and being jobless or homeless, my problems seemed insignificant.

I obviously still felt weighed down by my problems, except now I felt a lot luckier than most. I believe this is what got me through those difficult days, knowing that there are people out there that still have the courage to face a new day without knowing where their next meal will come from or if this will be their last day. If they could face such unsurmountable circumstances with grace then so could I.

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During my most difficult days I was reminded of this quote “What is worse than losing everything, it is losing the faith that we can gain everything back.” In those words lie the secret of overcoming any difficult situation. Have faith that tomorrow, or next week or maybe next year things will look better, but never give up or lose that faith. Your tears will be replaced by smiles, your lack by abundance and your pain by love.

Suyan Budhoo” – South African Life Coach


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